Community Impact Projects

It’s about the process…

The Community and School Impact project component of the Leadership Wilkes-Barre experience is meant to serve several purposes. Classmates work together to design and execute a project that fulfills a community need. In doing so, participants utilize the leadership development skills they have learn throughout the year, while making a positive impact on their community.

Although Project Advisors provide guidance, these projects are participant-driven from beginning to end. Project groups brainstorm ideas at their first meeting and then work together to see it through.

Project groups are designed to make the process challenging. Participants must work through their differences of opinion, behavior and perspectives and find a common ground. Learning how to bring people together, despite these differences, in order accomplish something extraordinary is the true definition of Leadership.

Between the Core, Junior and Impact programs, Leadership Wilkes-Barre participants complete upwards of 40 projects a year, collaborating with other nonprofits, schools, government and community organizations.  After 38 years in the business, the ripple effect of these projects is vast, and the lessons learned invaluable.

Click below to see what our current classes are up to, and browse the map below for a visual of how LWB’s alumni have worked to improve their community throughout the years.

LWB Alumni Directory

Pre-K Counts: After school care rooms—Educational boxes (like a Bark Box) to give to the kids at W-B Area Pre-K program.

Little Libraries: Free Library Kiosks set up around the valley.

Challenger Baseball Little League: Challenger Little League –Equipment/Renovations

Team Back to the Future Pittston Art: Creating artwork on utility boxes in the city.

Quality Hill Park: Nanticoke – Renovation Quality Hill community room

Dressed to the Nines: Renovations and help organizing the office space in W-B

Value Our Veterans: Raising awareness for the plight of homeless veterans while assisting locals with our services and donations during the holiday seasons. We are doing this because we are inspired by the veterans who impacted our lives and what we could do to give back to them. We will collect supplies, raise money and donate our own services to homeless veteran to contribute to Patriots Cove.

Baskets for New Beginnings: To gift residents of the Domestic Violence Service Center with baskets filled with household items to help them settle into their new homes.

Creating Childhood Character (C3): To renew the gardens at the Head Start Luzerne County Beekman Street Center, spend a day helping the kids learn how to garden, and collect/raise supplies to clean it up.

Dribbling for Dreams Project: To promote education through the development of the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association’s outdoor classroom by providing funds that will be used to supply the classroom with new equipment, as well as volunteering to enhance the physical location. A 3×3 Basketball Tournament will be held at King’s College on March 16th to raise funds for the project.

Color for Kids: Supporting Brandon’s Forever Home by means of a 5K event that will take place on April 7th at Kirby Park in Wilkes-Barre.  We will also volunteer our time at Brandon’s Forever Home.

Team Voyagers: Working to benefit the lives of special needs children in our area by hosting an event to bring the community together and raise awareness for Brighter Journeys.

PAWSabilities: Raising awareness for the organization PAWSabilities through a Kid Fund Day Event on May 4th at Kirby Park in Wilkes-Barre.

Making Memories at the Meadows: Improving the quality of life for the elderly and those with disabilities that live in our diverse communities by providing necessary supplies and connecting generations to creative a memorable experience together at the Meadows.

Crestwood School District

  • Design and implementation of a team approach, positive behavior program throughout the middle school to emphasize positive behavior and decision making, enhance morale amongst students and faculty and add to student activity options.

Dallas School District

  • Creation of a student service learning club that will meet every other Wednesday during Activity Period at Dallas High School.  Several community facilities have offered to partner with our students in this endeavor including Benco Dental, The Kelci Ever After Foundation, and Lakeside Nursing Home. First, the environmental science students will have the opportunity to plant trees and create natural habitats and beautification areas, applying that which they have learned about the soil and what is necessary to sustain plant life, etc.  In the future, the technology education students will apply their knowledge and expertise to create an outdoor dining and leisure area for nursing home residents and their families, complete with picnic tables.
  • Design and host a Wellness Fair in collaboration with local health and wellness businesses in order to raise awareness and promote resources for health and wellness amongst the Dallas student body.

Diocese of Scranton

  • Enhance current safety protocols at Holy Redeemer High School by labeling the windows of exterior classrooms with room numbers to provide easy reference of classrooms to first responders, , installing a go-kit in each classroom in the building so faculty members are equipped with basic supplies in case of an emergency; and then installing fabric door window shades in each classroom that has a window in its door in order to block the view of anyone outside of the classroom who intends harm on the students/faculty.

Greater Nanticoke Area School District

  • Implementation of a therapy dog reading program to incentive students to make an extra effort toward literacy goals
  • Revamping of a Peer Tutoring Homework Club geared toward grades 8-12, three days a week for all subjects in school. Honor Society students earn community service hours for volunteering their time to help tutor.

Hazleton Area School District

  • Student and teacher created murals and artworks in the classroom and school environment in order to help children feels safe, secure and valued, resulting in an increase of self-esteem, motivation and engagement in the learning process. Infrastructure enhancements will create colorful, comfortable and collaborative spaces in order to increase attendance rates and decrease the number of discipline issues.
  • Design and implementation of an Alternative Bell Schedule to address issues of overcrowding, dropout rates and tardiness in the Hazleton Area School District.

Luzerne County Head Start

  • Expansion of curriculum and assessment by the creation of new thematic units based on the interests of students and colleagues combined and aligned with the PA early learning standards, in addition to the agency’s school readiness goals and the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment. These themes include a six-week theme on animals (pets, forest, zoo, rainforest, sea and arctic animals) and a three-week theme on dinosaurs (fossils, carnivores and herbivores).In addition, there will be a possible third theme involving space. Each theme will involve stories, songs, vocabulary words, small and large group activities.

Northwest Area School District

  • Creation of “Prime Week,” in order to celebrate Math Awareness Month and engage students in a fun, positive experience while they learn about math and increase performance on the PSSA.
  • Provision of hygiene items for students at Northwest, including the purchase of a washer and dryer in order for students to have access to clean clothing in an attempt to cut down on barriers to school attendance and engagement.

Pittston Area School District

  • In an effort to meet the basic needs of students at Pittston Area to improve educational outcomes, participating teachers have created a Care Closet and Food Backpack program for students at the Pittston Area elementary center. A combination of funding from CEO and a grant secured by administration will ensure that the Closet and backpacks will be stocked with items as needed.
  • In conjunction with an Artist in Residence experience, students in the art program at the Pittston Area High School will refurbish Courtyard C (from the school’s original design) into a useable, bright, student –friendly green space. They will first create a mural and eventually attend to the landscaping and useful design of the courtyard.

Wilkes-Barre Area School District

  • Design and construction of an outdoor pavilion on the grounds of the WB Area Technical Center. The pavilion will serve as a classroom, gathering place for events and alternative learning space for all programs, including the culinary and horticultural tracks. This pavilion will be designed and built by students for a project based learning experience, and corresponds directly with the curriculum for the masonry and carpentry students.

Wyoming Area School District

  • Establishing initiatives amongst students, parents and faculty to broaden awareness and understanding of mental health problems and target specific issues related to anxiety in children. This initiative includes: Parent and Student Survey to measure anxiety, Mental Health Awareness Week, Indie Film “Angst”, and a Full Time Crisis Counselor.

Wyoming Valley West School District

  • Enhancement to the security infrastructure at the main entrance of the high school in order to protect against increasing probabilities of school violence.

How much of an impact has Leadership Wilkes-Barre had on NEPA? Take a look at our interactive Project Map to see!

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